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pAxFsH: Hi hi
pAxFsH: I have a ? for you
lux sublunaris: yes yes?
pAxFsH: do u have friends taht are "artsty" ... like they like to take picutres
lux sublunaris: i do indeed
pAxFsH: can u get them to come to MPMGII to take pictures
lux sublunaris: hmm, lemme check, i'm actually talking to her right now
lux sublunaris: what days is it again?

lux sublunaris: OH.
lux sublunaris: this is random and weird. but. you like photography right?
xx Sylvangirl: ... ugh, if our air conditioner is out tomorrow, I'mma gonna killa something... a.
xx Sylvangirl: yes?
xx Sylvangirl: XD
lux sublunaris: um.
xx Sylvangirl: how com?
xx Sylvangirl: ... *come?
lux sublunaris: well.
lux sublunaris: are you free on august 11 and 12?
xx Sylvangirl: I don't know yet.
lux sublunaris: *wahaha ambiguous questions!*
xx Sylvangirl: TELL MEEEEEEE.
xx Sylvangirl: Both days? I'm taking of from work from the 3rd to the 12th for vacation, and I'm sure I don't have anything on the 11th, but I might have something on the 12.
lux sublunaris: ah. well. this is random and bizzarre, but Tom, one of the fearless leaders of the super cath music troupe, was just like "do you have any artsy friends, that like photography?" and i was like, "um yah lolz" and he was like" d00d, can they take photos at kutztown on the 12?" and i was like, "uh."
xx Sylvangirl: ... is this the righteous B thing?
lux sublunaris: JUST THINK.
xx Sylvangirl: tell me this is the righteous b thing.
lux sublunaris: IT IS!
lux sublunaris: XD
xx Sylvangirl: shut up.
xx Sylvangirl: oh god.
lux sublunaris: yah rly lol
xx Sylvangirl: shut up.
lux sublunaris: lmao
lux sublunaris: you have been cordially invited
lux sublunaris: *deaddeaddead*
xx Sylvangirl: I have to see about the 12th, because if I do have something, it'll be catering and thus earning $100 in six hours, which I'm ... not turning down.
lux sublunaris: ohhh sweeet
lux sublunaris: oh, what day are we at the beach house til...10 or 11?
xx Sylvangirl: But if not, and if you guys don't mind that I've never taken a photography class in my life, I'd love to! :D :D :D
xx Sylvangirl: either or.
lux sublunaris: no prob, i have the feeling you're good with photograhy anyway
lux sublunaris: mmkay. do you know when you'll know by?
xx Sylvangirl: ... no. :'D I can always ask my aunt, I don't know if they've signed the contract yet.
xx Sylvangirl: erm, the party people, that is.
lux sublunaris: lol, the party people.
lux sublunaris: haha, this could be hilarious.
xx Sylvangirl: um, SERIOUSLY.
lux sublunaris: i don't know if anything could live up to it.
xx Sylvangirl: I think I would die.
lux sublunaris: regardless of whether mr.b is present or not.
lux sublunaris: if only they knew our motives.
xx Sylvangirl: XD
xx Sylvangirl: who's they?
lux sublunaris: the Super Caths at Large
xx Sylvangirl: bwhahaha.
xx Sylvangirl: You know, even if this party thing falls through, this... could completely make up for the lack of money.
lux sublunaris: http://orlyurmoving.ytmnd.com/ UH.
lux sublunaris: lol, the experience alone is like waking up a millionaire, trust me.
xx Sylvangirl: XD bwhahah.
xx Sylvangirl: can I click on that with my mom in the room?
lux sublunaris: yup!
xx Sylvangirl: I'm just saying, if this ends up being mr. b's house, AT LEAST WE'LL BE TOGETHER.
lux sublunaris: i won;'t send anything objectionable, no worries. XD
xx Sylvangirl: LAUGHING and probably dead.
lux sublunaris: AT THE VERY LEAST.
lux sublunaris: haha, and then he can call our houses and be like "...the girls left the house and I wanted to make sure they got home okay!"
xx Sylvangirl: oh god,
xx Sylvangirl: I don't know if you will, but remember that time he called like... a bunch of us science fair people and told our parents that we were cutting class under the "auspice of science"?
lux sublunaris: YES! that was my reference! hahahaaa
xx Sylvangirl: BWHAHAHAHA.
lux sublunaris: THE AUSPICE OF SCIENCE!
lux sublunaris: that's right up there with THE MAGNETIC BLADDER OF IRON!
xx Sylvangirl: XD
xx Sylvangirl: oh god.

Tags: hilarity, improbable circumstances, oh god no

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