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Bearing Rich's Children for Eternity!
Recedite, plebes!
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13th-May-2006 11:40 am(no subject)
hello :D
SO, we're all going to be home soon! This means PLANS.

  • Christa and I talked about seeing Silent Hill on Sunday!
  • Also, possibly more importantly, there's Thursday, when everyone's (as far as I know) is avalible at some point in time.
  • We shoud go to New York again. Even if it's just to shop, a.k.a., WALK AROUND AND LOOK AT STUFF.
  • Plus anything for the future!

DISCUSS. I get home at 6PM on Thursday, anything after that is a-okay.
hello :D
Can anyone upload some Queen and/or Bowie for me? Somehow, I've lost 90% of my songs for both of them. Anything would be appreciated~
16th-Mar-2006 11:22 pm(no subject)
a very long engagement // mmm // waugh
I'm posting this here to let you guys know about the music I'm currently working on ripping, zipping, and YSI-ing for you listening pleasure:

-S.E.L. Cyberia Mix
-Disney music!
-Old-skool punk rock
-Annnd...I know Kir had requests, but I forget what they were. So feel free to refresh my memory, but it probably won't be up til Monday.

ETA: Mmkay, here we go!

General Disney Songs (possibly some duplicates for Kir's mix)
Disney Villain Songs
Serial Experiments Lain: Cyberia Mix

Punk rock will happen later, probably after the weekend's over. Will include - the Pistols of Sex, Clash, Ramones, Buzzcocks...think that's it.
9th-Mar-2006 12:08 am(no subject)
a very long engagement // mmm // waugh
New iconses!

Watashi wa keeki desu!Collapse )

7th-Mar-2006 02:09 pm(no subject)
a very long engagement // mmm // waugh
For Amanda, the Battle Royale OST!


I'll get the Cyberia Mix up once I'm back at school - I left my CDs there and I don't have it on my compuuuuter. D:

6th-Mar-2006 01:14 am(no subject)
a very long engagement // mmm // waugh
I was very bored tonight, and was thinking about how much I enjoy quote/texty icons, and so I decided to make some. I used quotes from real life (gads), and since some relate to BRC in some way or another, I figured I'd post them if anyone is interested.

There's 15 so far, I might make more later.

Fade Out: Into VaginaCollapse )

13th-Feb-2006 09:41 pm - Hell of a lot of caps.
hello :D
Oh man, promised this to Christa last Friday, COMPLETELY FORGOT. And it's only one song too, boo.

8th-Feb-2006 11:49 pm(no subject)
hello :D
Excuse me if this isn't coherent, but my brain? Quite fried at the moment.

Anyone have any ideas for our next trip... thing? We've done Boston and Rent, neither of which I personally wouldn't mind repeating, but we don't seem to have any preplanned get togethers coming up until, oh, summer. I'm not sure if anything in the near future would work, because of monitary issues and whatnot, but, if we do something that would cost a lot, it would be nice to know in advanced and save up some cash.

Soooo. Any ideas? I don't really have any creative suggestions; I'd be up for Boston or Broadway again, or even just New York in general, or... whatever, really. XD

Um. So~? :D
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