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Bearing Rich's Children for Eternity!

Recedite, plebes!

That Flighty Temptress
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The BRC is a Mexican, a Daughter of the Mob, an Acid Queen, and an Aryan Elitist; Bearing Rich's Children for eternity.

This community is a closed forum for the members of the BRC (i.e. coconut_kismet, svetlyee, manimalogy, and x_snap_x). Generally, it will be discussions of stories that will hopefully one day be undertaken by us, namely Potter Royale, which has been in talks since 2003, and a few random stories along with plans for world domination and visits.

A list of people, factual and fictional, that the Aryan Elitist, a.k.a. manimalogy, has killed with her love:

Sirius Black
Nicholas D. Wolfwood
Spike Spiegel
Angel Dumott Schunard
Elliott Smith
Mitch Hedberg
Mihael Keehl
Yagami Raito
Keith Jennings
Captain Jack Sparrow (???)

Body count to date: 11 Last Update: 07/13/06

Little known fact, soon to be revealed to the world at large: Daughter of the Mob a.k.a. svetlyee has professed her once in denial love of Anthony Rapp. REJOICE. And let Holy Mockery ensue.

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