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Okay! Amanda and I have decreed that this Saturday, the Third of June, at sometime in the night, we will go to someone's house and watch Rocky Horror, and do other silly things. Other silly things have yet to be decided upon.

Please say if you can go.
a very long engagement // mmm // waugh

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Hark, children!

Tomorrow, (aka Sunday the 15th) you're all invited to come on down to the Mexican Household for a Bleach marathon/monkey bread eating session...possiblt more. Who knows? ;D ;D

Not sure of the time yet, but probably sometime between 1 and 3.

I'mm probably call later to make sure you know of this momentous occassion. Woo!
a very long engagement // mmm // waugh

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Okay kids! Rent plans are as follows!

Where - Nederlander Theater, 208 West 41st Street New York, NY 10036
Showtime - 8 pm

Important Organizational Stuff!
- Congregate at Christa's house at 3 PM
- Need to be leaving my house no later than 4:15
- We'll be taking the 5:05 train (NJ Transit Northeast Corrider Line; it arrives at 6:32 at New York Penn Station
- It's been generally agreed that eating in NY'll be too expensive, so we can either have pizza or something at my house, or else pack something, or starve. >:D


Any questions, suggestions, comments, complaints, w/e...do tell!
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Hi, hi, hi, girls and... girls. Couple things to think about!

  • RENT - Tickets are in. We need to figure out how we're getting there and back. Most likely train again, I'm guessing, but it'd be nice to know everything for sure.

  • Boy Meets World Marathon - When, where, etc. Discuss!

  • KKM Marathon - My house! Vince's will be ordered! The question is, when oh when should we have it?

  • Any other marathons? - I know Kir mentioned FMA, but hey!

Also! That thing on Thursday, are we doing that? The hanging out and exchanging pollyanna and all that jazz?

P.S. - Everyone still owes my Dad $51.75 for the Rent tickets (including myself D:), so just keep that in mind~.
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RENT on Broadway

This has been brought up a lot recently, but we've gotten no where with it, so now seems as good a time as any to make a post!

RENT, anyone? Before it goes off Broadway? Why don't we start with dates that would be good for us, and how much we're all willing to pay?

Personally, I'd like to pay $50, but no more than $75, and I'm not sure about dates at the moment.

Also, I can't use tags. D: