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Logan to Hyatt Regency

Ok, so there are multiple ways to get from the airport to the Hyatt.
  • Cabs - while possibly the easiest mode of transportation, it is also arguably the most expensive. Plus, it's not the way to get the true Boston feel!

  • Limo - LAME. Too expensive, too weird. Plus, I refuse to hob knob with the German mob.

  • the T - this is my favored mode. It does indeed involve two (2) line transfers at a crowded time, but it would be FUN!

  • Bus - no
hello :D

Boston Trip

I promised it would come, AND SO IT HAS. SO.

Basic Stuff:

- Kristin & Christa, I think you guys already know this, but try to be at my house before 5:00 PM. 4:30 also works, if you so wish. Also, tickets were $196 all together, so bring a check/money if you can?
- Flight to Boston is US Airways 1124. We leave at 7:30 PM, should arrive around 9:00 PM.
- Flight from Boston is US Airways 1471. We leave at 5:30 PM, should arrive back around 7:00 PM.
- Dooooon't bring any bags that you would need to check. Everything will be a lot easier/faster if you just bring a carryon or two.


- ... I have no idea how we're getting from the airport to Kir's hotel. D: D: D:
- We could take a cab, or my dad could arrange for a limo, but either of those could cost &30-$50? Which split between us might not be too bad? I don't even know, to be honest.
- We could also take the train, but... no idea how to navigate that, yeah (My mom isn't too comfortable with the idea, but I'm all about lying in favor of saving money). Kir, could you possibly give us directions?
- Um, discuss?

Other Stuff:

- SOUL CALIBER III IS A GO. (Oh my god, guys, it's so good, I have no chance of passing math class now.)
- I'm trying to burn KKM on a DVD right now. But if that doesn't work, I'm out of ideas, unless you guys could offer some. D: D: D:

So... um, yeah. That's all terribly unorganized, but I just kinda typed it out as I thought of it. Anyone have anything else?