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Okay kids! Rent plans are as follows!

Where - Nederlander Theater, 208 West 41st Street New York, NY 10036
Showtime - 8 pm

Important Organizational Stuff!
- Congregate at Christa's house at 3 PM
- Need to be leaving my house no later than 4:15
- We'll be taking the 5:05 train (NJ Transit Northeast Corrider Line; it arrives at 6:32 at New York Penn Station
- It's been generally agreed that eating in NY'll be too expensive, so we can either have pizza or something at my house, or else pack something, or starve. >:D


Any questions, suggestions, comments, complaints, w/e...do tell!
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Hi, hi, hi, girls and... girls. Couple things to think about!

  • RENT - Tickets are in. We need to figure out how we're getting there and back. Most likely train again, I'm guessing, but it'd be nice to know everything for sure.

  • Boy Meets World Marathon - When, where, etc. Discuss!

  • KKM Marathon - My house! Vince's will be ordered! The question is, when oh when should we have it?

  • Any other marathons? - I know Kir mentioned FMA, but hey!

Also! That thing on Thursday, are we doing that? The hanging out and exchanging pollyanna and all that jazz?

P.S. - Everyone still owes my Dad $51.75 for the Rent tickets (including myself D:), so just keep that in mind~.
hello :D

RENT on Broadway

This has been brought up a lot recently, but we've gotten no where with it, so now seems as good a time as any to make a post!

RENT, anyone? Before it goes off Broadway? Why don't we start with dates that would be good for us, and how much we're all willing to pay?

Personally, I'd like to pay $50, but no more than $75, and I'm not sure about dates at the moment.

Also, I can't use tags. D: